Stubborn Husky REFUSES To Get Out Of The Bathtub. When Mom Walks In? Hysterical!

Dogs are quite stubborn sometimes. When it comes to their stubbornness, they are just like human kids. Take this Siberian husky in the clip below for example! He wants to get a shower now, but when his owner refuses, you won’t believe what he does!

This dog’s name is Zeus and he throws a hilarious tantrum in this video below. As you probably know, Siberian huskies are taken as one of the most stubborn breeds of dogs, and you can see that in the following clip. To let mom know that he wants to take a bath, he lays down in the bathtub and doesn’t budge. Even when mom says “we are going for a walk”, Zeus doesn’t hear the end of it.

Watch this video below. Did this make you laugh? Let us know in the comments section below!

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