15 Yrs Ago They Rescued This Pony. When You See Her Now In Her New Home? AWW!

15 years ago, Ann Raeburn adopted a pony named Xanthe who was rescued by World Horse Welfare from neglected life. It was probably the best decision that Ann ever made. Now, both of them have a really happy life together. They not just take care of each other but go to explore the Scottish highlands.

According to Ann, in 2009, she and Xanthe made their first journey through the hills together. They have now covered more than 200 miles together. Ann has trained Xanthe to pull her in a cart and when they can’t roll in the trail, they walk and Xanthe carries all of her goods. Ann says that Xanthe is a natural when it comes to expedition. She loves to explore highlands and is very enthusiastic every time they go on the trip.

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