Cowboy Tried To Touch This Wild Mustang. But This Horse’s Reaction? Amazing!

This video below features one of the most incredible view of wild horses running free on the ground like you have never seen before. The cowboy called Clay Nannini, along with his two young sons, uses GoPro camera to capture this enchanting communication between humans and wild mustang horses. This will take your breath away!

Horses are mostly slaughtered or captured for the financial gain. Because of this, many horses’ habitats are being destroyed and their numbers are decreasing. But some individuals and organizations are working together to rescue and protect these venerable horses. Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort & Sanctuary is one of them! This sanctuary provides normal people the luxury of a resort with the possibility of seeing these majestic animals in a close up range without encroaching their homes. It has been protecting 600 horses and giving them the free grounds to roam and live their lives in peace.

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