When Dad Turns On The Radio, Keep Your Eyes On This Dog’s Ear. What He Does With It Is AWESOME!

Internet seems to like animals; especially dogs. And why wouldn’t it! Dogs are adorable, genuine, innocent and great friends. They lose not a moment to astonish and surprise us. This video below also features a dog who absolutely loves music. We have seen many videos of animals who have their hilarious reaction to their favorite music. However, this dog in the following video has the best reaction to it.

This video features a German shepherd who loves to party and dance. Dad plays his favorite song on the radio, i.e. Low by Flo Rida and T-pain. As soon as this dog hears the song, he starts to move his ears in a hilarious way. This video seems original. However, it is actually a fake one. In reality, this dog’s owner was moving his ears from behind. But in any case, this video is awesome. Don’t you agree?

Watch this video below. Did this make you laugh? Let us know in the comments!

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