Mama Caught Her Baby Saying THIS To Her Daddy On The Phone. THIS Will Leave You In Hysterics!

Children are always imitating their parents. From the way of talking to the way of eating, children are always observing adults and mimicking them. This video below also features a child, who has apparently learned how to talk on the phone because of mama. This will surely leave you in hysterics!

This 16 months old baby girl got hold of her mom’s phone and called daddy. She talked endlessly to her dad with her own language which is just hilarious. She even paces back and forth in the room while talking to dad; she appears to ask dad to bring some of her favorite foods. At a point, she says “num num nummies”, which according to the video description means food.

Watch this little girl talking to her dad in the video below. Wasn’t that adorable? Do let us know in the comments!

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