These Twin Foals Were Rare By Birth. Now Wait Till You See What THEY Discover Next!

Occurrence of twin foals is very rare among horses, about one in 10,000 cases. And even though female horses do get pregnant with twins, owners are mostly suggested to abort one of the twins in order for a healthy birth. According to the veterinarians, if a mare is pregnant with twins it would be hard to save both of them. Even when in pregnancy, there won’t be enough space for both of the foals and will result in complications and most of the times death. So to prevent this, experts suggest owners to abort one and give other one a healthy life.

But for the owners of Tiki, the 16 year old mare, twin foals in her belly was a blessing. They were more than happy to know that she was pregnant with twins and determined to take good care of them. They did the ultrasound many times between the pregnancy and the delivery. Finally, this family welcomed the twin foals with open arms. These twins were born healthy, no complications were faced and are presumed to be ponies.

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