Elephant Sees Her Caretaker Being Attacked. But My Heart STOPPED To See Her Reaction!

Elephants are gentle giants. They may be humongous but they possess really kind and loving heart. They are social animals and are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Because of these characters we can easily guess their level of attachment towards their fellow human friends.

This video features a 17 year old elephant named Thongsri from Chinag Mai, Thailand. She is really caring and protective towards her caretaker. To put her loyalty and defending behaviors to test, these people decided to attack Thongsri’s owner out of nowhere. And as they expected, as soon as Thongsri saw her owner being attacked, she rushed to help him. She even knelt down to check on her human and helped him get up.

Wasn’t that just incredible? What do you think about it? Do share your thoughts with us through your comments!

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