She Took Her Puppet Onstage. Now Wait Till You See What THIS 6th Grader Did Next—WHOA!

Ventriloquism is the art of making an object sound like it is speaking by throwing your own voice at it. A ventriloquist “speaks” through another object without moving his lips, and it is quite incredible to watch. Jeff Dunham is a really poplar comedian who uses ventriloquism in his acts. The little girl in the following video is also doing a great job at it!

Meet Darci Farmer. She might just be in sixth grade, but she is already really good at the art of ventriloquism. She brought her puppet onstage for a performance, and it was as entertaining as it can get! Not only did she make the puppet “speak”, but Darci also made her sing, which must have been quite challenging! You have to admire her for that.

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