She Found Starving Newborn Puppies In The Woods. But What Happened Then? I’m In Tears!

Dogs depend on human beings. Even though they may survive in the wild, it is not easy for them to survive at the harsh human made streets themselves. Daily, hundreds of dogs are abandoned in US alone. Fortunately there are many organizations and even individuals who work for the betterment of street and abandoned animals. This video below features one of the most heartbreaking and dramatic rescues of a starving mama pup and her puppies. This will break you down in tears.

It all started with the discovery of starving mama pup. She was all alone and her pups were nowhere to be found, not until the day after when the woman who initially found mama pup went on a trek under the hot sun to find her pups. Eventually, she found five pups sleeping in the woods. Unfortunately two of them had already died and other three were in grave danger.

Watch this dramatic rescue in the video below. Let us know your thoughts about it through your comments in the section below!

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