She Looks Out The Window And Sees A Squirrel Doing THIS In An Electric Wire. Mind Blowing!

When Bella Sheri looked outside her window the day after a particularly heavy snowstorm, she didn’t expect to witness a squirrel doing this in the electric wire. She was baffled to observe something that she had never seen before and decided to capture this in her camera. Undeniably, what she caught in her camera captured a lot of people’s attention and within weeks the video went viral.

In the electric wire right in front of her house, there was a squirrel trying to make his way past it. Unfortunately, because of the previous day’s heavy rainfall, the wire was packed with a heavy layer of snow. Poor squirrel couldn’t do anything else so decided to clear off his own path. He used his own body as a snow plow and started to clear off his path.

This squirrel certainly is very clever, don’t you agree? Drop your comments about this video in the following section.

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