Smart Bird Says “What Do You Want?” But It Was His Next Word That Left Me LAUGHING Non-Stop!

Internet loves parrots. Why wouldn’t it? Parrots are witty, humorous, intelligent and wonderful companions. Even though dogs used to rule the internet and make us laugh, cry, smitten all at the same time, parrots are now giving dogs some competition. If you love parrot videos like us, then this next video is one for you. You are going to be in stitches to see this adorable parrot and his hilarious antics.

Sparky the beautiful Red Lorie is a magnificent host; at least that is what he wants to be. In the following video, we see Sparky asking dad if he wants to eat or drinking something. He offers him all kinds of thing, from banana to beer. But it was how he said it that cracked me up.

Isn’t he just adorable? Watch this video below and share your thoughts via comments!

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