This Baby Couldn’t Get Off The Bed. Now Watch What He Does With This Pillow… SO SMART!

This little boy featured in the video below will blow your mind. He is just 11 months old, but what mom caught him doing in the bed room left even her astounded. This kid just woke up from his nap. When he looked around, he didn’t see mommy. He tried to get off the bed but couldn’t as the bed was very high. What he does to get out of the bed? He is so brilliant!

I always believed that kids always came up with new and brilliant ideas, however, I never thought a toddler would be able to think up as smart solution for his problem as this! The father Francisco Aguilar posted his son’s video in YouTube and instantly it went viral. And why wouldn’t it? This kid is just amazing! His dad must be very proud right now!

Check out this video below. Did you see that coming? Drop your comments in the comments section below!

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