A New Kind Of Robbery Is Spreading ALL OVER The Country. Did YOU Know About This?

Did you ever know that you could be robbed while in the gas station without you knowing about it? Well… robbing a person with a knife or just pickpocketing is a decades old tricks used by robbers. But recently there has been different reports of a new type of crime trending all across the country. These secret thieves take advantage of the busy car owners filling up their cars and sneak into their car to steal their valuables. Most of the times these victims do not even realize they have been robbed until it’s too late.

These new kind of thieves are known as “sliders”. According to the Houston Police Department Officer Jim Wood, these “sliders” mostly target women. The clip below is the brief news report on this new crime trend rising across the country and the preventive measures you can use.

Watch this video below. What are your thoughts about it? Did you know about this before? Let us know via comments!

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