EVERY Time This Bulldog’s Favorite Song Comes On The Radio – He Does The Unthinkable! Aww!

How many of you have a singing dog? Yes… you heard me right! There are apparently many dogs in the internet who have specific reaction whenever they hear their favorite song. There are dogs who have even participated in the talent show programs and showcased THIS talent of theirs. However, this video below features a French bulldog who doesn’t want to participate in any of those talent hunt programs but loves to sing duet with his owner.

Walter Ledermuller and Emanuele Zaubert own a French bulldog named Junior. They both are very infatuated by him. You have probably seen them talking to Junior in various languages while driving along their car. This time however, Junior is with Manuele and they are both singing an awesome duet. Their rendition of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” is going to blow your mind.

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