Boy With Down Syndrome Does Whatever His Brother Tells Him To. When He Says THIS? Adorable…

Many people treat Down syndrome as a horrible disease which is completely wrong. Down syndrome should never be treated as any sort of disease, it’s time we start acknowledging it as a simple difference. This video features a lovely jolly kid Turner who has Down syndrome and Griffin, his brother who has a special message to the world about his brother.

This video has tried to explain how beautiful people with Down syndrome are and how insensitive it is to bully or discriminate people who have it. In this video Turner’s older brother Griffin shares a wonderful message to the world. Though the video is quite short, the impact it leaves in one’s mind is very deep.

Griffin in this video tells us how he sticks up for his brother and shows what kind of amazing interactions and laughter they share at home. I had tears on my eyes when Turner told about how he felt about his brother in the end. Such a lovely and healthy relationship these two brothers share!

Watch this beautiful video and let us know how you felt watching it through the comments. We value your thoughts!

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