Cowboy Passed Away In An Accident. What His Heartbroken Horse Did To Say Goodbye? UNBELIEVABLE!

Dogs are said to be man’s best friends. But other animals can form really special, intense relationships with humans just like dogs. Horses are a prime example of this. They tend to get very attached to their owners. You might have seen how they perform some incredible tricks with their owners—doing that takes a lot of trust. So, when they are separated from their owners, it is natural for horses to feel sad.

Wagner Lima faced a horrible accident while celebrating the New Year. The accident proved fatal, and unfortunately, Lima lost his life. As friends and family came to mourn his loss, he has another special someone to pay his last respects. It was his horse, Sereno. The poor horse was heartbroken after realizing his owner would never be coming back. Perhaps this is why he rested his head on the coffin one last time, as a way to bid farewell. This gesture really made everyone tear up!

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