Tiny Boy Stays Still At The Side Of The Road. Now Watch When Soldiers Approach! WHOA!

Soldiers are brave souls who sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country and citizens. They deserve to be respected and honored for their sacrifices and work. They are often deployed in some far away and dangerous lands where they are most likely to lose their lives. They are also separated from their loved ones for a long time and they rarely get to meet them and have a happy normal life like we do.

You don’t need to have someone in the military to admire soldiers; you just need to honor them from the heart. Just ask this little boy in the video below! This little Belgian boy knows how incredible the army is. So when he saw the Canadian troops making their way to a memorial service, he instantly got up to his feet and gave them the most disciplined and amazing salute ever. The troop’s reaction to the salute was even more touching.

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