Dog Sneaked Out Every Single Day. Where She Went? This Will Leave You Teary Eyed!

Dixie wasn’t bothered even a bit when doctors told her baby Danny had developmental delays. The mother of two adopted children instantly knew he would be her boy once she saw his heart warming smile. Danny could only speak in fragmented sentences, his motor skills were off and he struggled to be potty trained. The couple provided their children everything but never budged in one request i.e. getting a dog. Well destiny surely had some other plans.

Dennie, the family’s next door neighbor trained search dogs and during that time she was training a dog named Saki for the job. Dennie noticed Saki doing something strange every day; she would sneak off the backyard and go somewhere. Dennie thus one day followed Saki. What Dennie found out completely surprised her!
Saki sneaked over every day to see Danny. It was like the adorable dog knew that her friend needed her.

Surprisingly, the first complete sentence the little child said was “I am Saki’s daddy”. Everyone in the family was surprised, suddenly Danny had started speaking, he was potty trained and he could throw a ball straight. But then Saki’s training was complete and she had to be sent back to the organization.

Dixie and her family begged to have Saki with them but they weren’t being listened. What happened next left me in tears. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments! We would love to have your views!

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