He Looks Like A Normal Rooster. Now Wait Till You Hear HOW He Crows—HILARIOUS!

Does anyone else feel that animals can be funny without even trying? Well the videos on the internet, certainly seem to suggest so. This clip shows a hilarious rooster that is nothing but funny. When you see what he does in the video, you will crack up without a doubt. I still can’t get over how funny a clip this is!

We all know that roosters will crow early in the dawn. They make a sound that almost anyone recognizes with ease. However, this rooster from China is a bit different. His crowing is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. As the video shows, the beginning of his call is quite similar, but the end is entirely different. Who would have thought that it was possible for a rooster to laugh?

Watch the video below. Did it crack you up? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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