Horse Started Chasing THAT Dog. Now Wait Till You See HOW This Dog Reacts Next! AWW!

Here in ThisAmazedMe, we have seen a lot of unlikely friendship videos. Some of them are hilarious, some heartwarming and some even tear jerking. However, no matter how many times we stumble upon these adorable videos, we just can’t help but watch it time and again, and share it with the world. This next video features a sweet and precious relationship between two unusual friends and this is no doubt going to steal your heart!

Two friends who are featured in the short clip below are Balu the dog and Rita the horse. We see these two unusual friends chasing each other in the snow filled road. At first I thought this horse was chasing out the dog from his territory. But I was so wrong! After a while, when this dog started to chase the horse, I realized that they were actually playing with one another.

Watch this adorable friendship in the video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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