Dog Was Lost In The Woods For 10 Days. But When She Finally Met Dad? Her Reaction Is Priceless!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. It is also true when they say that dogs love you more than themselves. Anyone who has ever had a pet dog knows the love and affection of having a dog. And anyone would know the horror of losing their dog. It Feels as if your own child has been taken away from your arms. This Video is a reunion of Kali, the golden retriever, and her Owner.
While on a trip to Canada, Kali went missing in the rapids. After hours of fruitless search, the family gave up hope of finding Kali again. And even if they did find her they expected her to be dead. Heavy heartedly the family went back home to North Carolina. A couple of weeks later they received the best message: Kali was alive. David Karekan, then Drove 20 straight hours to be with his little precious again. The reunion of the two is perhaps one of the best moments captured on footage and is truly heartwarming. Tell us how you felt after watching this wonderful video in the comments below.

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