Nobody could heal this severely abused dog’s broken spirit, until she met her best friend

Even though dogs are thought to be man’s best friend and they try their best to keep their status, there are times when people treat them the opposite. There are some cruel people in the world who, without any reason, abuse these poor friendly animals and severely hurt them. This video below also features a homeless dog who was brutally injured. Fortunately, some kind volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited rescued and treated her.

Animal Aid Unlimited is one of many organizations who are working for the betterment of street and abused dogs. It is located in Rajasthan India and today our story is from this part of the world. This dog in the video below was brutally abused. Her mouth and half of her head was tied up with a wire. She was not just physically hurt, but was mentally broken as well. Rescuers were able to treat this dog physically, but when it came to psychology, it was only possible when this dog’s best friend came for the rescue.

Watch this heart breaking story in the video below. Let us know your thoughts about abusing street animals in the comments section below!

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