She Tries To Rescue Her Baby Elephant. But When Nothing Works, Watch What The Herd Does!

Babies are always very clumsy. Their muscles are not yet strong and fully functional. That is the reason why they almost all the time fall on the ground even at the slightest hurdles. Even though animal babies learn to walk in the day one, they are still very clumsy like human babies. And so most of the times, babies get stuck in all kinds of problems.

Like most of the clumsily babies, this little elephant baby found himself stuck in the water hole. We do not know how he got there but we can assume that he fell off on the ditch because of his clumsiness. Fortunately for him, mom was just around the corner. He called his mom for help and mom tried her best to take her baby out of the water hole. However, her strength was not enough to get this baby out. But when her herd saw the situation she was in, they almost immediately ran towards her for help.

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