This Elephant Was Chained All His Life. What Happened 50 Years Later? I Couldn’t Help But Cry!

Raju is one of the many elephants who are imprisoned for life in cruelty for the mere entertainment of people. His past life is full of sadness and cruelty. However after 50 years of being held captive in spiked shackles, he is finally being freed. Raju in this video below is taking his first step in freedom and his reaction is just too heartbreaking.

Raju was poached and held captive in India. For all his life he was being used as a beggars prop and survived his life through the little handouts given by tourists. But after 50 years of captivity, his tragic story caught the attention of Wildlife SOS. A team of 10 charity members, 20 Forest Department Officers and 6 policemen departed to give Raju the freedom he truly deserved.

Watch this tear-jerking reaction from Raju when he was finally freed from the spiked shackles. What do you think about this tragic story of Raju? Share your thoughts with us through your comments!

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