Puppies Stuck in a Rock-Solid Tar. Check Out What Happened Next!

Puppies are like just like our babies, they are cute but still weary. They are like babies too, playful and love cuddles. And you’ll know that they are in pain because they only cry.

Watching the video is so heartbreaking, seeing those puppies get stuck in a rock-solid tar. They were crying because it was hard for them to get off and it was painful. They were rescued and were sent to the facility. They were given food and water since they were already weak. Rescuers washed them with oil to soften the tar and to remove easily. After a few days, their strength went back, the weak puppies that were rescued are now jolly and playful puppies.

Touched by their story? Please comment and share this video. It will bring a new life to those cute puppies.

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