Poor Dog Was Ridiculed On Social Media. But WHO Came For Her Rescue Broke Me Down!

Pumpkin, this dog featured in the video below was left to die in the streets. When rescuers found her she was covered with the brunt and matted furs and also had wounds from BB pellet guns. Poor dog was struggling all by herself in the street and was also taking care of her little pooch.

It all began when a man mocked Pumpkin in the social media. For some reason, he thought that Pumpkinā€™s burnt body was hilarious. The photo was soon enough circulated on the social media and that is how her rescuers got to know about Pumpkin. Rescuers were able to rescue Pumpkin and nurse her back to health. Unfortunately, her little pooch was unable to make it.

Watch this heartbreaking rescue in the video below and do share your thoughts via comments!

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