Mom Started Recording Her Twins Playing With This Dog. But What She Ended Up Capturing? Priceless!

Parenthood is the best stage of life. Every parent in the world would probably agree with me. It true that taking care of children 24/7 is a very difficult job, but along with the tiredness and exhaustion there comes the genuine love from your child; which is the most precious thing in the world. This video below also features one of the priceless moments about being a parent; i.e. witnessing the children’s contagious laughter!

Every mom would be able to relate to the feeling of this parent in the video below. Her twins are playing with their dog, a Pomeranian and every time this dog jumps up to get treat from mom, these twins giggle uncontrollably. What can be more adorable than these twins laughing non-stop? I can’t get enough of this!

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