Mama cat met this abandoned puppy, then she did something miraculous to save his life

Animals adopting off springs from different species is a very rare sight. Especially, cats adopting a tiny newborn puppy is the rarest of them all. As stereotypically, cats and dogs are thought to be natural enemies we might think it is not likely that a mama cat would adopt a newborn pup. However, what these rescuers in the video below witnessed will blow your mind.

The staffs of the Cleveland Animal Protective Leagues (APL) didn’t know they were in for a great shock when they brought in a tiny abandoned pit bull. This little pup was in poor health and needed a surrogate mother immediate. Fortunately, a cat who had recently given birth to tiny kitties decided that a new addition to the family wouldn’t hurt anyone. So she took in the pit bull baby and started taking care of him like one of her own.

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