White Peacock LOVES Attentions. What He Does To AWE The Crowd Will BLOW You Away!

Peacocks are beautiful. One of the most spectacular things about them is their magnificent and gorgeous tail. There is no one in the world who hasn’t been mesmerized by their feathers. Their feathers are mostly colorful but there can be exception as well. Like this white peacock in the video below! He suffers from genetic mutation called “leucism” which has made his feathers pure white in color. However, he is not an albino; his eyes are still blue.

Despite lacking the majestic color, this rare peacock is still as beautiful as rest of his flock. In fact more gorgeous than other peacocks in the world! He loves attention and whenever he sees crowd gathered around to see him, he displays his feathers and leaves everyone in awe.

I can watch this guy for hours. What about you? Let us know your thoughts about in the comments below!

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