This Cockatoo Heard Her Owners Argue. What She Does Next? LOL What A Smart Little Thing!

Cockatoos are really fascinating creatures. They are known to be intelligent and clever, and these incredible birds can also mimic sounds in detail. The following video features a loud and silly cockatoo named Peaches who effectively imitates an arguing couple. This smart avian will have you cracking up in no time.

Peaches is a Moluccan Cockatoo who was previously owned by a couple that was in the process of a divorce. The poor thing must have seen some heated arguments, as she now impersonates a couple arguing often enough. She even moves her head dramatically from side to side as if aggressively pointing at the other person.

Watch Peaches ranting off in the video below. Hopefully her new owners will be able to calm her down! Let us know what you thought about this in the comments section!

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