Blind Kitten Gets A Toy For The First Time In His Life. But When He Does THIS? You’ll Melt!

Oskar is a visually impaired kitten. He was born blind and due to his condition, the poor baby never had any chance to play with toys before. Thankfully, he was adopted by some great people and they gifted him his very first toys. Because of his special needs, he got balls with bells inside so that he could easily find them. Watching him play is heartrending!

Disabled pets need more love and care than normal pets. They want to play and be loved, but due to their harrowing conditions, these poor animals are ignored most of the times; not only by possible adoptive parents, but the shelter staff as well. They need to be loved as much as normal animals, if not more. Big respect to the wonderful people who took him in!

Watch Oskar playing with his first toys in the video below! Isn’t he adorable? Let us know how you felt watching this in the comments!

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