Munay Was Rescued by a Lady Who Didn’t Give Up Until She Was Safe at Home!

A couple kitten rescuer was once having a well-deserved vacation. They wre enjoying the time off from work and just being by themselves in Peru. The on the last day of their vacation, when their train was about to leave, the woman, who was a certied kitten lady heard a familiar sound. Immediately she looked around and found where the sound was. It was a kitten who was being passed around by kids and the kitten was so dirty, full of fleas, and hungry.

The kitten lady knew she wouldn’t want to let go of this poor little kitten. But what they encountered just to take Munay home with her was not easy. If it was not for their love for Munay, they would just easily leave the kitten off and be pinched and bullied by the kids. Watch what they did and sacrificed just to help Munay have a happier kitten life. Don’t forget to pass this video to your friends who loves kitten rescue stories!

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