They Find A TINY Door On A Tree. When They Take A Look Inside And Find THIS? Omg!

Wouldn’t you be surprised when you see a small and tiny gnome houses in the woods all of sudden? It is almost like magical, but what these locals in the Kansas experienced when they went to Overland Park, KS, is more than that. They found a whole village set up inside the woods called “Firefly Forest”. They don’t know who did it but were surely fascinated by the world. This video below features the story of this gnome houses and how it came into existence.

Everyone who visited the Overland Park was overwhelmed by the discovery of the fairytale-like land, but one who was mostly touched by this is Kelly and her family. Kelly had recently lost her 3 year old daughter, Allie Fisher to cancer. So when they found this gnome village, they decided to put a message up for Allie. The message wrote “In memory of Allie Fisher… 10/16/09 – 6/13/13.” However some days later, when Kelly and her family visited the park again, they found the unthinkable.

Watch this whole story in the video below. Did this touch your heart? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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