Old Man Drops His Hat On The Street, Now Keep Your Eye On The Crowd…

For 35 years Martin Hurkens worked as a baker, but his lifelong dream was to be an opera singer. In 2009, however, he lost his job as a baker in Holland and that is when he took on the streets as a singer to provide for his family. This is also when he got the courage to enter nation’s greatest talent show platform “Holland’s Got Talent” and even won the title.

Martin was passionate towards the music from the very young age. He had even received a scholarship is Brunssum when he was just 13 years old and took singing and piano lessons. But money problems forced him to leave the music school! Now, after winning the title of “Holland’s Got Talent” he has once again returned to the streets to deliver a heartrending rendition of “You Raise Me Up”.

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