Massive Polar Bear Thinks This Human Is Her Parent. You Won’t BELIEVE What She Does Around Him!

When animal trainer Mark Dumas was asked to find a polar bear for the photographs, he took the chance and adopted a female cub named Agee from a zoo. Agee was the eleventh child and her mom was too old to take care of her. From the very day, Mark hand-raised Agee as her own and make her a precious part of his life.

Now, almost after 18 years, Agee still lives with Mark and she even thinks of him as her mother, father and companion combined. She is really sassy and even gets jealous of Mark’s wife. But she doesn’t harm anyone without reason. According to the video below, Mark and Agee play, live, swim and do everything together.

Watch them spending time together in the video below. Isn’t that precious? Let us know via comments!

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