He Saw Millions OF Dogs Being Killed For Meat Trade. So What THIS Man Did To Help Them? WOW!

Marc Ching’s has a very difficult job.

Marc has a pet food shop called PetStaurant and an animal shelter as well. But he also goes to parts of Asia, and it is not to have fun. Marc makes these trips to save dogs from the underground meat trade that is quite big in some parts of Asia.

Marc established the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in 2011 to help nnedy dogs find loving homes. The non-profit organization’s goal is to rescue as many animals as possible to give them new hope.

In 2015, he found out about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, an event that revolves around dog meat. This changed his
life forever.

“The abuse and inhumanity is so brutal out there that it doesn’t compare to anything here in America,” Marc said about the festival.

He went to China, and after seeing the cruelty, he decided that he couldn’t let these helpless animals die just like that.

Since then, Marc has gone to Asia six times and is now ready for another trip. He pretends to be a rich American businessman looking for meat, and tricks slaughterhouses into giving him live animals. After getting the dogs, Marc and his team take them back to America where they are treated with love and care.

Some cultures have the belief that adrenaline makes dog meat taste really nice, and is even good for health. There is no evidence to support this, and this has led to rise to torture-based methods to kill these animals.
“This trade is built upon the belief that if you torture and abuse the animal, it makes the meat taste better,” Ching said about the dog meat trade.

Nearly 1 million dogs are said to be killed annually for their meat. There is now an increase in people and activist groups fighting for them.

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