War Veteran Had To Leave His Dogs 2 Months Ago. But When They Meet Again? I’m Crying!

When war veteran Joshua returned from Afghanistan, he found it hard to cope with the society and civilian life. But his two dogs, Mama and Panda did all they could to help Joshua to get better and be happy. But unfortunately Joshua had to leave Mama and Panda as he had to move from Louisiana to California for a fresh start. That is when Mariah and Tia decided to help out Joshua and took the dogs in.

But even after two months of separation, Mama and Panda never forgot Joshua. In fact, they felt depressed as they couldn’t meet Joshua for so long. So Joshua decided to meet Mama and Panda at a park near the city. As soon as Mama and Panda saw Joshua getting out of the car, they started waggling their tail and ran towards him.

Watch this heart moving video below. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know via comments!

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