His Best Friend Just Died. But You Won’t Believe What This Bird Does When Dad Tries To Wrap Her Up!

It is a known fact that lovebirds are very social and affectionate birds. As the name goes, these small parrots mostly like to stay with peers and have deep connection with their counterparts. You probably know how these birds react when they lose their partner untimely. This video below features a little lovebird who just lost his best friend. You’ll be heartbroken to see his reaction!

When one of his little lovebird died, this owner tried to wrap her up and bury her. But her male counterpart refused to let go of his dead best friend. He continuously chirped and tried to wake his love up from the dead. At one point, he even pecked at his owner’s finger for trying to wrap up his dead best friend.

Watch this heartbreaking video below and let us know your thoughts about it through your comments below!

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