They Spotted A Baby Horse On The Road. What They Did Next? THIS Broke Me Down!

What would you do if you spotted a poor helpless creature lost in the middle of the road? Of course you would try to help him/her! These good people in the video below are experiencing the similar situation. You’ll melt to see what they do to help a poor foal standing in the middle of the road.

Apparently, this little foal managed to cross the fence and roam around in the middle of the road. But when he wanted to go back to his family, he couldn’t cross the fence again. Confused and scared, he stood in the road. That is when these kind people spotted and immediately stopped to help him. A man got off the car, caught the foal with both of his arms and lifted him up so that he could cross the fence. This foal’s worried family was waiting for him to return at the other end of the fence.

Watch this incredible rescue in the video below. Have you ever been in this kind of the situation before? Let us know in the comments!

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