Lioness Reunited With Her Adoptive Dad. But It’s Her Reaction That’s Melting Everyone’s Hearts!

Animal lovers will love this video. It features one of the most dangerous animals on this planet that does something totally unexpected. Let’s be honest – we all want to see wild animals up-close but get terribly terrified with the idea of getting involved with them. However, this brave man is one of those few who isn’t afraid to hold onto their passion.

Adolfo was the first adoptive father of this lioness named Kiara. This video shows their reunion which is shocking, to say the least. As soon as Kiara gets out of her cage, she runs to Adolfo for a hug! You can clearly see the intimate bond that exists between the two. The man couldn’t be any calmer, and Kiara seems to be trying her best not to hurt him, doesn’t she?

Watch the video below! Were you surprised as well? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!

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