This Poor Dog Travels 4 Miles Every Night To Get THIS Bag. What’s Inside Will Leave You In Tears!

Dogs are amazing creatures. One of their most admired qualities is their ‘faithfulness’ towards their loved ones. Even though there are many video about loyal dogs, you probably haven’t come across a story such as this. Lilica, this dog featured in the video below is called the ‘dog of the junkyard’. She lives in Sao Carlos, Brazil in a junkyard, and according to the video she takes care of every living creature of the junkyard.

When Lilica was abandoned in front of the junkyard, the owner Neile Vania took her in. After that, Lilica lived with other animals of the junkyard as a family. However, she didn’t just ‘live’ with them; she even took care of them. Lilica, soon after her arrival to the junkyard, gave birth to her puppies. And in order to feed them she began a dangerous travel of 4 miles across the highway. She brought food from an animal lover, Lucia Helena de Souza, and fed her puppies and all other junkyard animals.

Watch this brave dog and her sacrifices in the video below. What do you think about Lilica and her struggles? Let us know about it in your comments.

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