5 Years Ago, He Raised This Gorilla. But What Happens When They Meet Again? THIS Is Incredible!

It is rare for us to see an emotional gorilla as they are mostly famous for their incredible rage and powerful body. But in this video below you’ll be able to see an emotional gorilla who is very happy and touched to meet his ‘god father’ after 5 whole years.

Damian Aspinall, an American conservationist rasied Kwibi, this lowland gorilla almost 5 years ago. Kwibi was raised in Aspinall’s Howletts Wild Animal Park in England but was released into the forest of Gabon, West Africa when he was old enough to live on his own. They reintroduced Kwibi to the wild as a part of a conservation program.
Now, Kwibi is a 10 year old adult and has become a lot bigger and stronger than before. Even though Aspinall raised him when he was young, will he be able to recognize his former foster parent?

Watch this emotional video below. What are your thoughts about this video? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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