She Found A Broken Egg On The Floor. What Hatched Out Of It? Oh My Goodness!

It is often said that without parents the newly hatched birds can’t survive. It needs great effort to hand rear a little bird who hasn’t yet developed feathers. However, this video below features a wonderful story of a little bird who survived despite the fact that she had fallen off the tree when she was still inside the egg. Her egg was cracked, but she fought all the odds and survived.

This little survivor’s name is Klinger. Klinger was still an egg when Susan Hickman found her. Everyone thought that Klinger wouldn’t make it because she was a newly hatched bird and her mom was nowhere to be found. But Susan didn’t give up! She hand reared little Klinger and after a year of constant care, Klinger finally became a fully grown and beautiful starling.

Watch how Klinger survived through the tough hurdles in her life. Drop your comments in the comments section below!

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