In 1971, EVERYONE Was Left In Tears When THIS Native American Cried. Do YOU Still Remember?

Commercials are mostly used to sell products. However, there are those advertisements which are used to aware people about verity of things. This commercial featured in the video below is also one of those. It was from 1971, 45 years ago, and was listed as one of the “50 greatest commercials of all times”. Keep America Beautiful launched this ad to combat pollution and it became really successful to do so.

This commercial features a Native American man paddling down a junk-infested shore and to the city where litters are thrown everywhere. He is disappointed to see this and even sheds a tear. This emotional ad secured two Cilo awards, incited a frenzy of community involvement, and helped reduce litter by 88% across 38 states.

Do you still remember this? Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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