Dog Was Held Hostage By A Kangaroo. But Wait Till You See What The Owner Does Next – OMG!

A group of hunters gathered to make the wish of a young boy suffering from terminal cancer come true. His last wish was to catch a 220 pound (100 kg) boar with his dogs. So they made their trip to Outback Australia with highly trained dogs. While hunting, one of this dogs chased some pigs by scent and came face to face with a big buck kangaroo.

The kangaroo wrestled the dog and held him by its protective gear. When the canine’s owner saw this, he rushed to help him. He didn’t want either his dog or the kangaroo to get hurt. Just then, the roo released the dog and got closer to attack the man. For those of you who don’t know, a roo’s kick to the guts could disembowel humans easily. The man tried to back off multiple times but still found the roo approaching him. So the 6-foot 7-inch man had to do something to protect himself. They boy, Kailem, lose his battle to cancer, but this hunt will forever remain a treasured memory to his loved ones.

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