I Was Baffled When He Walked Onstage With His Dog. But Their Act? Stunning!

Dog tricks are one of the best acts on Got Talent platform. Come on! Admit It! You liked Jules and Matisse act like millions of people in the world when they performed on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent last year. Dog acts are entertaining, unbelievable, and just too darn cute. Even Simon Cowell would agree with us on this!

This video below also features a dog act from this year’s America’s Got Talent audition. Jose and his dog Carrie walked on the stage of AGT and left millions laughing out loud with their amazing act. According to Jose, he divorced his wife because she wouldn’t dance with him. So he took in Carrie the dog and now she is his new dance partner. Now, you might have guessed their act right? Wait till you see their incredible performance!

This act is truly amazing! Did you like it? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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