When Mom And Dad Starts Talking, You Won’t BELIEVE What This Cockatoo Does! WHOA!

Jealous pets are not rare. Especially dogs are known to be jealous whenever there is a new member in the house, be it a new pup or the newborn baby. However, I had never seen a cockatoo jealous of his/her owner, until I saw this video below! You are going to be in stitches!

This cockatoo’s name is Cookie and she loves her dad, so much so that she gets jealous whenever mom talks to him. Every time mom and dad try to have a conversation, Cookie intentionally interrupts with some hilarious and disturbing noises. She gets really vocal. Even though it might get annoying at times, it is no doubt adorable. Wait till you see how she interrupts dad and mom’s conversation. I am sure you are going to be laughing out loud when you see what she does next.

This bird’s reaction made my day. What about you? Drop your comments in the COMMENTS section below!

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