Cat reunites with best friend after 10 days apart, now he can’t stop hugging him

If there are two things that never mesh well in this world, they are dogs and cats. At least that’s what has been so famously stereotyped. We all have heard of the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” right? But this is a very huge misconception. Dogs and cats can get along just well and can actually be best friends! Don’t believe me; just watch the video below!

The friendship below is quite rare and it unlike anything I have ever seen before. Jasper the cat gets the chance to meet his best friend Bow-Z the dog after 10 long days. What happens when he sees him is really adorable. Jasper’s reaction to Bow-Z returning home is the cutest thing you will ever see! The poor cat missed his buddy terribly!

Watch this adorable clip below! Have you ever seen a cat do something like this? Share with us in the comments!

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