This miniature horse set the world record for world’s smallest horse, and you have to see it

Linda and her husband Jim loved their horses very much. But they never expected one of them to give the sweetest surprise of their lifetime. Jazz, one of this couple’s horses was pregnant but she showed none of the signs of it except for her wobbly legs and her body defying standard horse senses. However, Linda knew that something was wrong and came to the conclusion that Jazz was going to give birth to her foal. But when the day of the delivery came, Linda was totally taken aback by what she saw.

Apparently, Jazz gave birth to the tiniest foal in the whole world. Even though Linda and Jim were expecting the newborn foal to be smaller than normal foal as both of his parents were mini horses, they never thought him to be this small. The newborn foal, Hope, weighted just 13 pounds and made the world record of being the smallest horse ever born.

Linda has already made plans for this smallest and newest family member. She wishes to make Hope a therapy horse.

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