They Caught An Inmate With A Dog In His Cell. But What The Cameras Captured Next? Touching!

Dogs are man’s best friend; there is no doubt about it. However, there are times when humans do not keep the end of the bargain. Most of the street dogs who are suffering in the streets are the result of abuse and abandonment by their former owners. Fortunately there are many organizations in the world who are working their hardest to rescue and rehabilitate these poor dogs.

This video below features a trailer of a documentary called “Dogs On The Inside” which follows the relationship between abused stray dogs and prison inmates working towards a second chance at a better life. In an attempt to re-build their confidence and prepare for a new life outside, these prisoners must first learn to handle and care for a group of neglected strays. It is a really good program which helps both stray dogs find their place to call home, and the inmates.

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